Slot Receiver Skills


A slot receiver, also known as a “slotback,” is a wide receiver that lines up in the slot area between the offensive lineman and the outside wide receiver. In football, this position is most often seen in flexbone formations, which allow teams to utilize two wide receivers on the weak side of the line of scrimmage.

A slotback is a great addition to any team’s passing game because they can make big plays in the red zone. They can catch short passes and run them for big gains, and their speed and agility give them a leg up on defenders.

Slots are typically called on to play in three-receiver sets, but they can also be used as a backup for the wideouts. They are an important part of any offense’s game plan, but they must have certain skills in order to be successful at this position.


Slot receivers are usually some of the best route runners in the NFL. They have to know every single route that is given to them, and they must be able to run it fast. They also have to be able to make catches with their legs and in the air.

Running Back

A slot receiver may be asked to run the ball a few times throughout a game, but it’s rare that they are a full-time running back. They may be called upon to help the quarterback with a passing play, such as when the quarterback fakes handoffs and pitches to them in motion before snapping the ball. They can also help the quarterback pull the ball down and hand it off to the running back on a passing play.


A good slot receiver is a solid blocker and can help to pick up blitzes from the defense. They can also provide protection for the running back on outside run plays, giving them more room to move.

They can also be very effective at catching passes that are thrown away by defenders, and they can catch deep balls when they’re in the slot. They’re also a big help for the quarterback, who can use them to throw the ball when they’re in space or behind the line of scrimmage.

The skills that a slot receiver must have vary according to their position, but they are generally faster and stronger than wideouts. They must be able to run precise routes, but they also need to be strong enough to block when necessary.

Some of the best slot receivers in history include Hines Ward, Ernest Givins, and Larry Fitzgerald. As the NFL has shifted to a more pass-heavy offense, slot receivers are becoming more popular than ever. They aren’t just a backup position anymore, but are instead one of the most exciting positions in the game. There are several players to watch for in the future, including Tyreek Hill and Cole Beasley. They are sure to be a huge part of the NFL for years to come!